Merry Christmas!

[INS] Shogun online posted Dec 25, 17

Myself, Santa, and a few elves burnt up some midnight oil this morning to give you all craftable helicopters. Yes, you read that right! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!

You will now see an option appear on tents and stashes that says "Craft Little Bird". The items you will need have to be inside that tent or stash.

You will need -
- 150 XP
- 1x toolbox
- 3x scrap metal
- 6x windscreen
- 6x full jerry cans
- 1x generator
- 6x sheet metal
- 1x scrap electronics
- 1x engine parts
- 1x fuel tank
- 1x main rotor

Just a reminder, I put together a winter mod that you can enable along side dayz mod. You can find the details here. This mod will be enabled on the server until new years.

If you're traveling for the holidays, be safe!
Good luck and have fun!

- Shogun

medlin22 wow thats awesome i assume the tent has to be in the open right?? also hope you all had a merry Christmas
Beavis Wow! Nice job Shogun, the vehicle crafting is a brilliant addition to the game play on the server. I might add that th...
Gargamel OMG! Now that is awesome! WTG! And happy holidays! xD

Happy Holidays!

[INS] Shogun online posted Dec 17, 17

I always try to find time and come up with things to do on the server during any holiday. This time around, I decided to take it a bit further and provide a mod to attach onto dayz.

until New Years...

- Snowmen with goodies
- Snow ghilie suits
- Santa's Sleigh
- Winter Chernarus
- Snow weather
- Cold breath

What you need - 
download the mod via this link HERE

- Open the zip file with winrar or 7zip.
- Drag and drop the the @INS_Winter fold into your arma 2 OA install directory (C:\program file x86\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead)
- Launch arma 2 dayz mod from steam
- In the main menu, click on 'expansions'
- Find @INS_Winter, enable the mod
- Restart game
- Find server and join!

Hope you all have an awesome holiday, have fun, and good luck!

Junior Bacon Cheeseburger Thanks, this helps me get into the spirit!
DavyBrown Very cool Shogun! Loving it!
Enflicto This makes me moist.

My Solution for Vehicles

[INS] Shogun online posted Nov 6, 17

I believe most can agree that the #1 issue for our DayZ Mod server is vehicles. There is 300 of them, but where the hell are they? In bases, hoarded up, not being used, waiting for despawn or that point where the owner logs in once a week to maintain/update everything. Its a terrible thing and I have been struggling to come up with a solution that is positive for both Veteran players, and new players alike. Every idea imaginable has been thought of and all of them seemed to cause too much work on my staff or would be too much of an inconvenience for players. This solution will not help the helicopter situation, but should greatly help out when getting vehicles into the hands of players who want to have one and will use it. So here we go!

Bicycles will now save to the database and will spawn after server restarts. In other words, they are persistent.

-Bike + EngineParts + FuelTank + 10xp = MotorBike

-Motorbike + 2 Wheels + 20xp = ATV

-ATV + 2 scrap metal + FuelTank + 2 Windscreen + 30xp = Skoda

-Skoda + 2 scrap metal + 3 Sheet metal + 3 Rusty sheet metal + 50xp = Hilux

-Hilux + Scrap metal + 2 Sheet metal + 2 Rusty sheet metal + electronics + 2 windscreen + GPS + 75xp = SUV

-SUV + CamoNet + SheetMetal + RustySheetMetal + Generator + electronics + 100xp = Humvee

Each step will require and consume a toolbox. These vehicles are persistent and will save to database. Since there will be a great increase in the amount of vehicles on the server, all Bicycles will be deleted after 1 day of no use.

If this turns out to be a good addition to our server, and there isn't any real short term or long term issues, I may incorporate a way to craft helicopters. Possibly requiring XP. We will see! I hope you all enjoy, have fun and stay safe!


Edited - updated required items for each stage along with added XP into requirements.

Colin Hey Shog, was thinking and is there a way to add the other variants to the process? like green motobike or red hilux or...
grimmlord69 i love it,, great work boss
Colin Will each recipe give you different variants of the the vehicle? Like different colored motorbikes or hilux's? Or h...

I am very proud to present the latest addition to our beloved Vanilla DayZ server. Sector HF 

An unknown militant force has invaded the north. They've constructed a massive compound which is heavily fortified. They are protecting a vast underground area rumored to be holding an armory. They plan on using these supplies to take over the rest of Chernarus.

Survivors, you are tasked with wiping out this new and dangerous foe by any means necessary. Gain control of their supplies, and push them back to where they came from.

Are you ready to discover what lies in the bunker?

AManNamed2 I knew I remembered this, this is the same sector the Overpoch server had! Oh how I miss those times
Colin Today 8 players whom don't know each other and were not in team-speak or using any other service to coordinate succ...
tpcleric First off let me just say I've noticed all the work you've been putting into the server lately and its looking...

INS Halloween Giveaway

Shades posted Oct 20, 17

INS Halloween Giveaway

Starting today, (newer) players can enter for a chance to win a base! The drawing will be on Monday 10/30/2017. I will draw 2 names, the first name will win the main base with vehicle. The second name will win the runner up base without a vehicle.


How to enter?

Copy and paste this format, and post it in the comments with your information. Your name will be entered after a quick check on your account.


Name: (Your in-game name)
Time Played: (A rough estimate of how long you've been playing in our server)


Name: [INS] Shades
Time Played: 2 weeks

grimmlord69 Congrats squidboss and Colin
Shades The winners have been chosen! Check here to see if you won:
grimmlord69 Name:Tony Timeplayed: 2 weeks
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